Project 04: Homepage Design

UI design Process

Design Brief

Queston 01: What is the purpose or goal of the design?

The goal of the design is to create a homepage that is pleasing to look at an easy to understand. The website will be simple but get the message across as i am still pretty new to coding. I want to understand the basics of coding and especially css.

Queston 02: Who is the audience?

The audience for this project is myself, the teacher, and the class. I want this to be something that I can be proud of to show other people. Those who are going to be looking at my website are going to be using a critical eye when looking at my homepage.

Queston 03: What message needs to be communicated?

The message that I want to get across to the audience is thatI know the basics of web design using html and css. I want the viewer to see that I am able to design a functioning website while using design to make it pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.

Queston 04: What is the competition and marketplace?

There is not much competition for this project as we are doing it for ourselves and the class. The drive for this is to create something that I am proud of. There is friendly competition between classmates to create a well designed website.

Queston 05: What is the context?

The context is that this is the last project for my 483 Computer Assisted Graphic Design class. This is the process for designing the homepage of the website.

Queston 06: In what voice?

There really is no voice. I guess the voice would be in my voice. It could also be in the voice of a designer. I will be the one communicating with the viewer of the website.

Queston 07: What kind of response is desired

I would like people to be able to navigate my homepage at a glance. I want it to be very intuitive. For the design, I want people to see this as a modern design. I want to give a people’s eyes a chance to relax from all of the busy, noisy, and over stimulation we all get throughout the day.


Do your research, collecting design examples, put to your 4 moodboards

My 4 Mock-ups

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Layout 01

layout 02

layout 03

layout 04

Original Layout