Activate! 2020

Design Process

Design Brief

(1) What is the purpose (goal) of the design?

The goal of the design is to draw in the viewers attention and get them interestead in the Activate! 2020 event happening at school. To communicate the idea behind Activate to the rest of the school and to show of the different art departments that the school has to offer.

(2) Who is the audience?

The audience for this will be people of all ages. The main target will be the students attending CSUF, not just the art students. Since it is an open campus and vistors come on, the event is open to people located in and around Fullerton.

(3) What message needs to be communicated?

The message that is being communicated is to bring awareness to parts of the school someone would normally not see. It is also to show off what each major does and to show the attribute required to be an art major.

(4) What is the competition and marketplace?

The competition of this market place is everyone else in the class. We are competing against each other in order to see whos design will get chosen.

(5) What is the context?

There will be signage, apparel, and an animated projection in the coutyard. It will be displayed during the Activate! 2020 event is happening at school. I dont know what is going to happen now because of the Carona Virus.

(6) In what voice?

This will be in heard as the voice of the art department and the arts program at school using the students creativity.

(5) Adjectives

(7) What kind of response is desired

I would like the viewer to gain an interest in the arts and to gain interest in the Activate! 2020 event. I would like the message of activation, movement, and energy to be displayed.

Mood Board

20 Logo Marks

20 Logo Types

3 Selected Combination

Final Logo Set

Logo Animation Storyboard

Logo Animation

6 Posters

First Posters

Final Posters

Poster Combinations

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MP4 Movie

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