483E: Computer Assisted Graphic Design

Grant Arikawa


4 Apps I Like


Youtube is one of my favorite apps because the amount of videos available to anyone and everyone is humongous. I use it for watching videos that I can’t find anywhere else. Youtube contains a lot of content creators that I really enjoy watching. I also use Youtube to watch tutorials on everything from gaming to fixing things to computer repair.


I love photography and everything that goes along with it, so Instagram helps me to see many different photos and photographers. I am able to post the pictures that I take to the public. I like being able to share the photos that I believe are pretty good. It is great that I am able to see other photographers work and draw inspiration from all their work. It also shows me different ways to frame and take photos or how to pose models.


Netflix is one of the ways I like to destress. I throw this on and I don’t have to worry about moving or anything. I just have to veg out of the couch while watching and occasionally press the, “Yes I am still watching button.” I like being able to sit for a long time without having to think about what is going on around me.


Soundcloud is my favorite music streaming app. This is because I have a very select taste in music and it seems like I can find it much easier on Soundcloud compared to other music streaming apps. I really enjoy finding songs and artists who are not very well known because their music is usually pretty different compared to what is being played on the radio.

My Lifestyle

Getting Dressed 10 Min
Driving 1 Hour
Skating 1 Hour
Cooking 2 Hours
Games 1 Hour
Smoke 1 Hour
Cleaning 30 Min
Computer 2 Hours
Music 4 Hours
Brush Teeth 10 Min