Grant Arikawa

2020 Spring | TU | CSUF

483E: Computer Assisted Graphics


Before coming to college, I lived in a small city called Camarillo, about 70 miles north of Fullerton. Compared to Orange County, Camarillo is much more laid back and slow. No one in Camarillo rushes to get anywhere and the streets are empty after 9:00 at night. I graduated from Adolfo Camarillo High School in 2015 where I fell in love with music and wood working. Being a maker is one of the things that really defines who I am. I really like working with my hands. Anything tactile and that requires precision makes me excited.

I took a glass blowing class at CSUF and absolutely enjoyed it. I also was able to get relatively good with the limited amount of time I had taking the class. Hand skills and dexterity are two more defining factors that go along with being a maker. In the future, I want to work as a graphic designer, eventually becoming a free-lance designer. I would like to do woodworking on the side, making and selling furniture. If not woodworking, I would like to do something that involves the use of my hand skills.